Arbor Day at the Lighthouse

The Fort Lauderdale Garden Clubs   On Going Civic Improvement Project 2003-2004

Rose Bechard-Butman: Chair, gave a brief presentation for all present including our beloved Mary Secrist.

Spathodea Youth Gardeners Dedicated a Spathodea tree to the Lighthouse Youth Garden Club for Florida Arbor Day 2004. One of the Youth Gardeners gave a presentation about the Spathodea tree and its horticultural habits. Children from both Youth Garden Clubs planted the tree that was donated by East Marsh Nursery. Cheryl Ricker from Luke's Landscaping picked up and delivered the tree to the Lighthouse of Broward's Sensory Garden.

Bauhinia Garden Circle arrived at 8:00 AM to plant the 200 colorful begonias and impatiens donated by the Florida Nursery Growers Association by Mr. Hines. Roy Rogers arranged for the donation of annuals. Softscapes donated compost, removed the sod and prepared the planting beds.

A heartwarming time was had by all. Of course, refreshments were provided by Drew, the Lighthouse Teacher in charge of the new Youth Garden Club and by our generous members who attended including home baked cookies by Moringa President; Sharon Bogard.

Thanks to the special young men and women
who are members of the Spathodea Garden Club