October 2003 at the Lighthouse
Getting it Ready for the Dedication

Moringa members and friends help maintain the Sensory Garden at the Lighthouse of Broward

Starr, Rose, Diane, Jennifer, Joan and Cheryl


The Wall Mosaic was started in 1977
by Reuben Payne & Dotti Ross
Finished 2003 By Moringa Garden Circle with the help of the Youth group

Melinda and Barbi supervise work on the wall
The youth create sea creatures using tile chips
Others help with the weeding, fertilizing , painting and mulching.
Crew II comes back the following weekend to worksome more!

Bayberry at work

Bob Thomas installing the signs

  The Dedication of the Garden

October 24, 2003

Sue, Kathleen, Mary Secrist and Rose

David McLean,Charie Butman,Rose Butman, Kathleen Gent
Roy Rogers, David McLean, Rose, Kathleen


Thanks to the following special young men and women
who are members of the Spathodea Garden Club and/or children of our members.
Lizzie Absher, James Absher, Jamie Kautzmann,
Sydney C. Smith, Charicia Jackson, Ruby Stepen,
Sean Scully and Sara Beth Scully